Concerning purchase of collectors firearm

A "collectors" firearm :

can never be a firearm which from condition match a brandnew firearm or a special manufactured for sport.
Will be bought as an antique for its historical value, though its rare model as it has long been out of production.
Will if not anything else is mentioned be offered "as it is" but still functional. If anybody wants to shoot with it he shall due to safety, had it checked by a skilled Armourer, or have it proofed by a proofhouse.
Does not in the matters of function and accuracy match a new or a newly manufactured firearm from actual production.
Has often decades or centuries behind and has due to age, use or storage a certain wear.

Ist mostly in recent years been a collectors item, but has originally been made for use, and in this matter also been used. As an example :
A military firearm which relate back to 2. World War or even 1. World War, which have left marks and traces. Such firearms are interesting for such collectors which collect especially such firearms.

Are mostly been maintenance and repaired especially during its "military service". In this matter there might also have been exchange of parts or providing a new surface.

Can all along have shortages, due to age and use which although does not influence on the function. As an example : corrosion or dent and bruices. The accuracy can be severe less than a new firearm.

Can be a more or lesser desireable collector firearm all after personal demands or wishes. For one collector a desireable enrichment of the collection and for the other a plain exemple of no interest.

Has mostly an unknown line of prior owners and its history is mostly not to be traced.

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